Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy House Lamb

Mean Mascot Antics Montage

Over-sized cartoon characters may never assimilate into society.

Kid Dunk Fail

Leave the slam dunking to the professionals.

Awesome Crane Collapse

This is gonna take them all day to clean up!

Burnout Fallout

That's what you get for not wearing your seatbelt.

Professor Tackles Interrupting Chicken

The professor came back and insisted they could all learn a valuable lesson about trigonometry from the experience.

Dunk Goes Horrifically Right

What he hurt most was his pride. His pelvis was a close second, though.

Cop Car Donuts

Triple homicide? That sounds like a job for the fun police!

Snowmobile Escapes

He can finally live out his dream of being a tractor.

Fence Says No to Backflip

"I'm fine. I just broke my brain."

Definitely Not Lady Gaga

Trampoline Dunk Tragedy

It could have been worse. He could have missed the dunk.

Tree Branch Causes Awesome Electrical Fire

Glass Door Fail

The start to a great day, for everyone but this guy.

Raptors Mascot Eats It

And that is how dinosaurs went extinct.

Train VS Flood

This flood was no match for this train. Lets go surfing!

Idiot Owned By Bat

Has a bat ever lost this ongoing battle?

Ultra Low, Ultra Fast Jet Fly-by

Eh. It was pretty low and fast, I guess.

The Human Can Opener

Nobody told him there was an easier way.

Self-Correcting Dominos

This video says "f*** you!" to the laws of physics.

Human Gazelle Nails High Jump Fail

No, she's not wearing wings.

Epic Cat

Kung-Fu Keyboard Dancing

Nothing mother! Just practicing piano again. Go back to bed.

The Grocery Groove

Amazing. Lean Cuisines for only two dollars!

Little Brother Misses Pass

Next time don't ask if you can play if you're just gonna stand around and cry.

Extreme F1 Mirage High Speed Low Pass

Squirrel Argument Leads to Fist Fight

There aren't enough seeds for the both of them. No wait, there are plenty.

Lords of the Dance

They slept with every woman there

Desperate Sink Cat

Awww, he hasn't had water in days.

Exercise Ball Faceplant Saves Terrible Video

Every sketch video should feature someone getting hurt, just in case.

Wedding Windmill Fail

Like this windmill, may your love be beautiful and serene and knock dudes into bushes for our amusement.

Snowboard Slam Dunk Contest

And I thought real-life would never be more extreme than NBA Jam.

High Altitude Sonic Boom

No one explain what happened. I want to keep believing that spaceship bent the fabric of reality.

Idiot Dog Doesn't Know How to Eat Food

Houston Rockets Masoct Eats a Cheerleader

Airhead Clutch Gobbles a Tasty Treat Until the Rest of the Power Dancers Gang Up On Him

Ugly Furniture

They've got everything! Except stuff you'd want.

Kung Fu Chain Master

You think Ribbon Dancer is lame, until you realize you can do it with a chain.

Surprise Desk Faceplant

Crazy! That kid's wearing a hat in class

Coolest Guy in the World Outtakes

Even his rejected stunts are cooler than anything I've ever done. And I can bunny hop 6 inches high.

Hockey Fan's Jumbotron Marriage Proposal Not Successful

The Rangers won, so he was still pumped.

Hammer Throw Fail

That's what he gets for wearing weird sandals.

Insane 5-Story Snow Jumps

Isn't it great how snow prevents anyone from getting hurt no matter what they do?

Ridiculous Parachute Stunt

Raptor Mascot eats cheerleader

Dog Scurries Down Stairs

He generates enough electricity to power the entire town.

Cat Destroys Toy Robot

Funny Cat on Ice

This guy finds the easy way to clean the glass along a moving escalator

A good way to spend a snow day Car Skiing

Kid wants to go to REAL Jail

Gillian Cooke Female UK Bobsleigh Team Splits Her Spandex Pants